Basic Information About Cleaning Your Solar Panels

When you invest in some fixture for your home, you must remember that in order for you to get your money’s worth and for the device to function properly and efficiently, you have to make sure that you are also periodically maintaining it. Similar to your car and other properties, your solar panels should be regularly cleaned and free of any dirt, grime and other debris that might hinder it to do its job perfectly.

You have done your research prior to buying the solar panels and investing your hard-earned money on these panels. Now that you are well aware of all the benefits these panels could give you, it’s now time for you to know some basic and necessary information about cleaning your solar panels.

Common culprits

There are some common culprits responsible for making your solar panels dirty. Knowing what are those could help you protect your solar panels from accumulating these familiar offenders. Dust is perhaps the number one reason for home owners to get solar panel cleaning done from professionals. The build-up of dust sometimes depends on location and there are some instances when rain is sufficient enough to wash away the dust.

But if you live in a place where it could be really dusty, like a desert for example, you have to be careful and wary on how this will affect your system. If the dust becomes thick enough, the panels would not be able to absorb the sun’s light, wasting the efficiency of your solar panels.

Bird droppings and other nature debris such as fallen leaves and dried twigs could also block your panels from getting enough sunlight that would power your appliances. Installing your panels away from the usual place where birds usually defecate or distant from any tree could sidestep this issue.

Safety first

Even if you are an adept or skilled DIYer, there are some tasks that are better left off with professionals, cleaning your solar panels also fall in this category especially if you don’t have the proper tools that could ensure your safety while you are cleaning it. Solar panels are usually installed on the roof and if you are scared of heights or the probability of you falling and injuring yourself is very high, it is recommended that you get your panels professionally cleaned.

Solar panels upkeep

Even if you prefer to have your panels professionally cleaned, it is still better that you maintain with your solar panels upkeep. There are industry innovations that ensure solar panels do not require constant maintenance.

When you get your panels installed, inquire about special coatings that could be applied on the panels that repel dust. There are also robotic cleaners that blow away the dust with the use of blowers and brushes (to avoid the dust being cakey and muddy if cleaned with water but not properly rinsed).

Since solar panels are expensive but are truly useful and are worthy investment, you have to properly care for them to maximize their use. Solar panels are the gift that keeps on giving and your responsibility as a competent owner is to ensure they are preserved.