Employment Options Available in Elder Care

Taking care of elders come in many forms, you can be involved in some voluntary work that would enable you to get out in to the community. Or it could be that you will be involved with looking after of an elderly at someone’s residence or at an elder’s home. Depending on what option you want to choose and what sort of tasks you want to engage in you can choose something of your choice.

There are many elderly people who have no support and care and there are less people who are engaged in this field therefore the demand for staff for elderly care is high.

What are the options available?

Home care assistant

This is when the elderly person requires support and care at their own house. Many elders won’t like to leave their house this is because they are comfortable with the environment and the surrounding is very familiar. It also gives them the feeling of control and independence which may be lost if they were present in a hospital or some elders home.

The job expected from a home care assistant can vary and may be many but this depends upon the need of the individual however these are the most common tasks,

Help with the toilet, washing, bathing and dressing. You may also be expected to make meals for the person and in certain instances you may even be expected to help with the feeding.

If the person under your care is taking any medication you are responsible to give the medications on time. Since you will be looking after this person in their home setting it is necessary that they have a clean home therefore you might even be expected to help with cleaning and keeping the house tidy.

In order to give good care, you can study aged care Melbourne and become qualified.

Support worker

People who are support workers may be involved in providing various kinds of care. This can be towards elderly people, young people, those who have some disability and also mental health, so the main duty of a support worker is to provide emotion and practical support to those who need it.

Some things that you will be expected to do if you are a support worker for the elderly are,

Housework: depending on what the person needs you would have to support them, this would include going to shops to get what they want, running certain errands, keeping the house need and tidy.

Some elders may not be able to move around well or that they would need a hand to assist them, you are expected to help in this; in helping them move to a place they want.

Support workers will also be helping the elderly when they go on trips or day out or when they attend a social gathering.

Care home assistant

Here the individual is expected to work that involves both support work and home care. Care home assistant are trained to engage in palliative care, support those who are disabled and help those who are mentally ill.